When the time comes to use third party collections, ConServe’s accounts receivable management services for credit unions provide best-in-class dynamic recovery solutions that make the recovery of debt easy.

Our unique synergy of analytics-driven technologies and customized collection services optimize your debt collection results, increasing your return on investment.

Ethics and compliance drive all of our activities. We adhere to the highest measures of quality, consistency and performance standards in everything we do. Our exceptional compliance with the unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices (UDAAP) legislation and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is exemplified in our numerous ethics award recognitions.

The ConServe team is dedicated to helping members meet their financial obligations in a way that empowers them with a sense of control and self-esteem. Our passion for ethics, compliance and Client satisfaction is the foundation of The ConServe Advantage®.

Collection Program Key Elements


Having an accurate understanding of the borrower's location is a sophisticated and critical element in the debtor recovery process. ConServe's two-level approach offers one of the most thorough and integrated systems available. Our skip tracing services for credit unions include a variety of manual and automated tools that focus on the areas of location, assets and consumer attributes to help locate borrowers.

Account Scoring

To stay ahead in the Credit Union collections space, knowledge is power. ConServe's proprietary account scoring model provides the unique ability to predict the "contactability" and "collectability" of a member's account. Our models contain several layers of critical data that together create one of the most effective and successful contact strategies available in the industry. These dynamic scoring models are customized to each Credit Union's portfolio and become more efficient with every successive placement received from the Client.

Administrative Resolution

New placements are initially scrubbed for administrative resolution and debtor status (bankruptcy, death, incarceration, entity out of business, SSN mismatches). Accounts that receive "hits" at this stage are set aside to be resolved as indicated by the Client's scope of work details. Accounts that clear initial scrubs are then scored, either through generic or custom scoring, based on our experience with "best fit" for the Client. From there, these accounts move into a waterfall strategy to obtain phone numbers, places of employment and asset discovery information before continuing to the collection floor for follow up. Accounts can also be sent to credit provider monitoring programs which return essential instant updates (residence, place of employment, phone number) when the debtor applies for credit.

Full Collections

Collection services for past-due receivables leverage our leading-edge technology infrastructure, our passion for ethics and compliance and our consistently exceptional performance results. Credit Union-focused strategies are used to:

  1. Secure payments in full
  2. Process compromises based on guidelines set by our Clients
  3. Establish recurring partial payment arrangements and agreements and
  4. Legal scoring

Payment Services: Payment services allow your members to have the ability to access their online account information 24x7 and obtain real-time balance information. Under 15 U.S.C. §1692e(2) of the Debt Collection Practices Act, it is illegal for a Debt Counselor to falsely represent the amount of any debt. This means the accuracy of the account balance information ConServe communicates to your Members on any given day is inherent in ConServe's continued consumer protection compliance and the outstanding service we provide.

  • Account Balance: One source for easy account access
  • Payment Profile: Users can view their Payment Schedule and Postdated Payments
  • View Payments: All payments are made through the ConServe Client Web Portal® and are documented for easy review
  • Contact Us: Questions and Inquiries
  • Profile: Ability for Consumers to update demographic information

Performance Management

Here at ConServe, we understand that debt collection comes with a unique set of challenges in the credit union space. ConServe works with each Credit Union on a one-on-one basis to set performance objectives and review the Client's specific needs. We develop a complete Client Profile to ensure that the parameters of our business relationship are clearly communicated, outlined and documented to guarantee clearly-defined roles, responsibilities and performance expectations. As part of this process, both the "current" and "target" bad debt ratios are discussed and documented. Every month, performance dashboard reports are provided to every Client through our secure ConServe Client Web Portal®®. There, they are provided with a formal review of performance and expectations. Our clients' satisfaction is our top priority and our goal is to provide outstanding results by maximizing recoveries while adhering to high standards of respect and integrity. By embracing these principles, we strive to become our Client's top-performing accounts receivable management partner.

Collection Program Options

Our compensation is a direct result of the recovery of debt that we provide to our Clients when utilizing our collections program. Our agency compensation rates demonstrate a conscientious approach regarding the overall value of our services. We consider the long-term potential recoveries of our Client's portfolio and take into account several factors before providing a customized collection solution.

Recovery Services

Upon receipt of accounts, ConServe will provide daily, weekly and monthly remittances to coincide with a full complement of standard performance reporting.

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