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New to Working from Home? Here are Some Essential Tips & Tricks


There are common challenges of working remotely, including having the proper technology and tools, dealing with distractions, effectively managing your time and projects and remote communication.

Here are some proven strategies and techniques for those working remotely for the first time to get the most of a remote work situation.

Best Practices for Employers

  1. Make Sure You Have the Right Tech – The best of intentions will fail miserably if you don’t have the tools in place that employees need to get the job done. These include technologies to do the work, as well as hardware and software employees need to be portable, productive, and fully connected. Video and chat are especially valuable.
  2. Establish Clear WFH Policies – It is essential that you set clear expectations for your remote employees, including guidelines around availability, reporting, time-tracking, and data security. Take the time to explain these policies, and make sure employees understand everything they need to succeed.
  3. Keep Employees Engaged – Communicate intentionally, and check in with team members frequently, every day. Conduct regular one-on-one’s, ask questions about how employees are transitioning, and start conversations about best practices. Even simple messages of support can put a smile on someone’s face.
  4. Foster Collaboration – Communication, knowledge-sharing, and team-building are essential activities that are common in the office, but difficult with a virtual workforce. Build online spaces for teams to interact, encourage video conferencing when possible, and activities based on health and wellness.
  5. Promote Career Growth – Just like in-office employees, WFH workers need ample opportunity – and support – to develop and grow. Continuous feedback and regular performance check-ins are key. Remote training tools and online educational programs that can track and report progress can be especially valuable.

Best Practices for Employees

  1. Establish a Dedicated Workspace – Protect your personal and professional lives. Do your best to create a place for work, where you are free from interruptions. It needs to be private, comfortable, and sustainable. And don’t forget to set clear boundaries, so those in your home understand when you’re working.
  2. Maintain a Daily Ritual – Going to work is more than just turning on a laptop. How you choose to show up makes a huge difference in your attitude, your energy, and your performance. So, take a shower, have a cup of coffee, and get dressed as you would before going to the office. Keep the routine, and you’ll feel more alert and engaged every day
  3. Take a Break – One of the dangers of working from home is that you are always at work. To stay energized and refreshed, you need to take a break from the screen, get a change of scenery, and even squeeze in some physical activity. Schedule times to step away and unplug. Go outside if you can. Even set up virtual breaks with the team.
  4. Overcommunicate – Do your best to keep peers and managers aware of projects and progress, especially when it comes to longer-term goals. One-on-ones can be especially useful, as can team chats and active reporting up.
  5. Stay Connected – At the office, communication is face-to-face and personal. So, how do you bring that to your remote experience? Keep your cameras on and embrace video. Make room in your team chat for casual coffee talk. Catch up with texts and calls. Connecting on these more personal levels can make a difference in your professional and emotional well-being.

Working from home can be a challenge – for employers and employees alike. But with the right planning, tools, and attitudes, it can be a successful and rewarding endeavor.

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